350 vehicles in use

450 experienced employees

What we offer


UWe offer our customers and partners tailor-made and future-proof concepts. A reliable, satisfied and motivated workforce and a modern and well-equipped fleet of vehicles in various vehicle sizes are available to you at any time. Located directly on the A81, our location also guarantees you fast, dynamic and uncomplicated distribution of your goods. Located directly on the A81, our location also guarantees you fast, dynamic and uncomplicated distribution of your goods.


Our warehouse in Tammerfeld / Ludwigsburg had a handling area of 1,700 square meters by the end of 2021. Since January 2022, we have been offering a total storage capacity of 5,000 square meters after the construction phase. Modern equipment and work materials are available at all times for warehousing and picking.

Flexible distribution:

Especially in the greater Stuttgart area, where we have the largest presence due to our headquarters, there are practically no limits to the wishes of our customers and partners. Regardless of whether it is parcels or palletized goods or whether they need to arrive at their destination safely and on time at a certain time – we make it possible. But we can also be your guarantee for flexible and reliable distribution nationwide upon consultation. Among other things, we work for various clients in Koblenz, Cologne and Munich.

Optimized logistics

Quickly Transporte GmbH offers industry-specific transport and logistics concepts nationally and internationally, including for companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical, dangerous goods, electronics, high-tech, fashion and more sectors.


At Quickly Transporte GmbH we have of course also been ISO certified since 2015.
ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 14001: 2015
ISO 45001: 2018

Always secure!

Constant monitoring of your goods by the most modern fleet with appropriate technical equipment such as alarm system, GPS tracking, on-board telephone and much more…


The availability and possibility of using vehicles of different sizes, as well as the offer of day and night trips, represent our flexibility.


…who have placed their trust in us for years.

Our History…

…from the founding with just 1 truck a year to the present day with over 350 vehicles.


Back then with only 1 truck.

New clients

& consolidation phase.

Order extensions

Order extensions achieved with existing contractual partners.

renewed consolidation

To date, further and renewed consolidation phases with existing clients.

CEP area

Entry into the CEP area.

First supra-regional deployment

at the Koblenz location.

Automotive industry

First order in the automotive sector in Ludwigsburg from May 2020.
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